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The “Fix Sheet”

One of my fiction writing books recommended a Fix Sheet… the goal right now is to plow through the story and just get the first draft done.  It’ll stink.  Bad dialogue.  Plot errors.  Wordy descriptions.  It doesn’t matter – it’s all about just getting the first draft completed.  The Fix Sheet is where you write down your fixes to the plot, points you wish to return to and either repair, replace, or reject.

I had a LOT of time last week to ponder my story.  My goal was to create a fast-paced story that would qualify as a Young Adult fiction story.  Although I’m not going to go back and fix Chapters 1 to 4 that are completed, certain plot points hit me as incorrect.  There was one major plot point in Chapter 4 that I realized just wouldn’t work later in the book.

So, I’ve created my Fix Sheet.  It’s already about half a page in length of items that I want to change about the story.  None of them change the overall ending of the story or remove any major characters, but the changes I came up with will make the story move faster… get the main character involved sooner rather than later.  I told myself I wouldn’t go back, and I intend to stay true to that decision – so I’m going to finish up Chapter 5 under the assumption that I’ve made the changes on the Fix Sheet in the early chapters.  This would cause some major confusion to anyone reading the chapters now, so I’ve decided to finish the story, go through one round of rewrites, and then share it with a few key invidivuals for feedback.

This morning I was able to get Appendix C written for the NXT-G book.  I finished ch25 yesterday so all that’s left is chapter 26 and Appendix B and D.  Appendix B is CAD building instructions for a test robot and these CAD images are being created by a friend of mine… so AppB is really not going to be much work.  Appendix D will likely be about 2 or 3 pages and easy to write.  It’s Chapter 26 that stinks – since the book covers version 2.0 of the NXT-G software, a key tool got changed and that means a likely rewrite of the entire chapter versus an update/revision of the existing material.  Still, I’m on schedule to have the book done by Friday as I promised my editor.

Right now I’m having to put the finishing touches on a Table of Contents proposal for the iPad book.  My publisher/editor keeps asking for updates/changes and the book’s focus may likely change… this means the final book probably won’t look a thing like the original TOC.  No problem.  But I sure would like to get the TOC locked down so a contract can be issued… I like contracts.  They help me sleep at night.

Chapter 5 of the fiction story needs finishing… need to get to it.


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