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Back to work…

I spent most of last week at the WorldFest International Robotics Competition (here in Atlanta) sponsored by FIRST.  I’m typically invited each year by LEGO to help staff their booth and meet kids and adults in attendance and answer questions about LEGO robotics, my books, and whatever else they can come up with it.  It’s fun, but very tiring.

Yesterday I spent most of the day catching up on priority work that needed to get turned in quickly and answering about two dozen emails that required thought – no quick responses.  Thus, no writing got done except for the revision of NXT-G Chapter 24.

Today, I’ve got to revise Chapter 25 and I’m also going to try and revise Appendix A.  Appendix B and C are totally new, so I’ll get to those tomorrow hopefully.  Chapter 26 is the last chapter and it and these last two appendices are due on or before Friday.  So it’s gonna be a crazy week.

That said, I’m still planning on getting back to my fiction story today.  I’m halfway through chapter 5 so I’m hoping to get it done today… we’ll see.  I can’t predict what phone calls and emails I’ll get today that might slow me down.  I always dread the week after a vacation or week away at an event like this one… it’s hard to get back in the habit, editors start hitting me with urgent requests, and I have my standard deadlines to meet.  Add in a 3 year old son who requires attention in the morning and after I pick him up from daycare, and I have a very limited time range to get anything done.

On a different note, I did finish Experiments 23 in the Make: Electronics book.  I skipped Exp24 because it was adding some new updates to an older experiment that I didn’t feel necessary to perform.  So I’m jumping to Experiment 25 and am a bit closer to the final Experiment 36 where I can end this project.  (I won’t really end it, but I won’t have the pressure of blog readers who are waiting for me to finish it – they’ve been very patient with me, but I know a lot of them are anxious for me to complete all the experiments.)

Now… time to take the boy to daycare… back in a bit to get started.


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