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Rain is my caffeine…

It’s raining like crazy here in Atlanta today.  I’ve always heard how rain makes people sleepy, but for me it makes me super productive.  Since I can’t do anything else, I guess my brain just decides to get work done.

I started out today by getting a whole bunch of the NXT-G chapters reviewed… about 3 PDFs and 4 Author Reviews (just before PDF reviews, so I’ll see those again to finalize the layout and look of the chapters).  The book is really getting close to being done.  I also finished revising Chapter 22, so there’s just 4 more chapters left to revise and a couple of appendices.  My deadline is April 23, so I think I’m going to be okay.

And now I just completed Chapter 5 of my fiction story.  I should have known there was no way I was going to be able to do everything I wanted in a single chapter, so I’ll have to use one more chapter for setup… no big deal… I have a feeling that during rewrite some of these chapters will get consolidated and words eliminated as I tighten down the story.  But as always… I just keep writing and trying to get the rough first draft done.  Chapter 5 was 7 pages and almost 2000 words… a LOT of information in there.  But I introduced the key plot of the book as well as two more pivotal characters.  A good chapter.

I’m very happy to report that, other than Easter holiday when I took a few days off, that I’ve been able to consistently sit down and find time to get my writing done… it’s not always been 5 pages every day, but some days (like today) I manage to get more… I really like where my story is going and I’m looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… but that’s quite a few chapters and months away… so I’ll keep plugging along.

Word’s today: 1885
Words total: 9092
Current Chapter: finished 5
Pages written today: 7
Pages total: 38
Chapters completed: 5


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