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Definitely some rewriting to be done…

After revising Chapter 22 (NXT-G book) today, I was able to do a couple of PDF reviews and get the draft Table of Contents for the iPad book completed.  A total of 18 chapters for now… I’m going to submit the TOC tonight or tomorrow and hopefully convince my publisher to let me get to work next month on the book.

As for the fiction story, after finishing chapter 4 today, I realized that there WILL be some serious rewriting after the first draft is done.  It’s not that I’m unhappy with ch4… I managed to get a lot done in that chapter, including closing down the major cliffhanger from chapter 3, but I’m not 100% happy with the chapter.  But, rather than go back and try to rework it, I’m going to keep moving forward and make a note somewhere about the things I don’t like about ch4.  I want it to move faster, but again, that’ll come later during rewrite.

Chapter 5 is my last chapter before the major storyline starts… by that, I mean the major conflict will be encountered.  Up to now, it’s all been character setup, hints of the major storyline, and development of a key location and supporting character… chapter 5 is all I have left to get the setup complete.  Unless I decide I need another chapter… that’s the great thing about fiction.

Word’s today:  1428
Words total:  7207
Current Chapter:  finished 4
Pages written today:  6
Pages total:  31
Chapters completed:  4


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