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On a roll today…

After finishing up the revision to chapter 20 today (NXT-G), I had some time (finally) to go and run some errands before sitting down for the day’s writing.  Yesterday I got halfway through Chapter 3 and I knew how I wanted the chapter to end… (hint: cliffhanger… again).  But the latter half of Chapter 3 had a lot of information and questions/answers to provide, so I knew it would take a bit more than 5 pages to finish…  rather than call a hard stop after 5 pages of writing, I finished Ch3 with an additional 7 pages written.  But I was able to bring ch3 to a close properly.  I was worried that I’d lose the momentum and maybe even forget a few things I wanted to include in the scenes…

So, 3 chapters completed.  5000+ words.  Only about 70,000 more to go.

My son’s daycare is closed tomorrow and I’ll be watching him… not sure how much work I’ll get accomplished tomorrow, so I may have to put off writing again until the weekend.  But I hate to do that… I really do want to try and keep to a 5 page quota if I can… we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Some good news over the last few days – my CNC book (Build Your Own CNC Machine) sold almost 1000 copies (945 to be exact) during its first 3 months of release… and my sequel to LEGO Mindstorms NXT: The Mayan Adventure, titled LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0: The King’s Treasure sold almost 4000 copies in its first 3 months!  I’m sure the sales will slow now, but I’m very happy with those numbers.  My other books continue to sell and provide a bit here, a bit there… so royalties every 3 months are starting to get good…

Also, I get my iPad this Saturday… very anxious to get it and check it out as I’ve got a potential book that I’m working on related to it.  I should know more in a few weeks about whether this will turn into a book or not.

Word’s today: 1795
Words total: 5084
Current Chapter: finished ch3
Pages written today: 7
Pages total: 21
Chapters completed: 3


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