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Making it up as I go…

Not really.  But sorta.

Even though I know the major plot points and actions and scenes, it’s all still in outline form.  So that means filling in the details.  If Chapter 3’s outline is “Hero enters burning building and rescues dog” I still have to write the pages and fill in the detail of the actions… so I do make it up as I go… in a sense.

Today I started Chapter 3 – it’s definitely going to be longer than 5 pages, and I know I need to get a couple of major plot points explained by the end of this chapter… but I hate explanations, so I have to fit in these points in a discussion between major characters without having it sound like an essay.  That means the chapter is likely to push 8-10 pages.  I got 4 pages written today, so I’m feeling pretty good – the main character is halfway where he needs to be by end of Chapter 3, so I’m well on schedule.

And, given that I’m not editing as I go, it might turn out durign rewrite (months from now) that I scrap entire chapters or sections… but, for now, I’m cranking out the story.  I’m a bit biased, so it’s difficult to tell if the story is engaging or even remotely interesting… I’ve provided the first two chapters to two friends, so hopefully I’ll get some good feedback from them and fine-tune future chapters.

This morning I was able to get three chapters for the NXT-G book through the author review process – this is the process that comes after second draft but before copyedit.  I send in draft 1… editor sends back changes/fixes, I make those changes, send back as draft 2… editor gets one more pass at errors, etc and sends back for final Author Review… then copyeditor/tech editor get their look, I make fixes and then send back fixed… then the doc is converted to PDF for the PDF review.  If it sounds like a lot of work, it is… some chapters go faster than others, but if a lot of tech errors are found in a document (it happens), it can really slow me down.  Fortunately, the 3 chapters this morning went fast.

I also started on the revision (draft 1) of chapter 20… but got stuck on a technical problem… so I’ll try and finish ch20 tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to get one chapter revised per day, but that’s pushing it… today was a break from that stuff.

I am happy to report that I’m finding getting my daily chapter writing done (5 pages is my goal per day) not so bad… once I get to writing, the story starts to flow and the pages develop.  I hope I can keep this up for the next 27+ chapters that i’tll take to tell this story.
Word’s today: 942
Words total: 3289
Current Chapter: 3
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 13
Chapters completed: 2


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