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Two days in a row! I’m getting good at this!

Yesterday on Lifehacker.com I read an article about how we should take our most dreaded and/or hated tasks for the day and make them our first priority.  I thought everyone did this!  I don’t always tackle the hardest or most aggravating task first, but I try to do it.  Today, for example… I like writing but I don’t like revisions or rewrites… so I tackled Chapter 19 of the NXT-G book.  I got it done which freed me up to do 6 PDF reviews (not too bad, but I’d still rather be writing…).

After the PDF reviews, it was lunchtime, which was perfect… a little goofing off while cooking lunch allowed me to think about today’s goal – chapter 2 of my fiction book.  As I wrote about in an earlier post, I’ve got the story completely outlined and know which scene comes next… and next… so I know where Chapter 1 left off and where Chapter 2 begins… but I wasn’t certain about where to end Chapter 2.

And that’s where the creative element comes in – I could choose to extend the action in Chapter 2 to Chapter 3… it just lengthens my chapter count… no big deal because the story’s end WILL get there, right?  So, I looked back at my spreadsheet and realized that I needed to break up my original chapter 2 content into 2 shorter chapters… this would allow for a sort-of cliffhanger ending.  And I love cliffhanger endings.

So, I just finished writing Chapter 2.  I’m not going to say that all my chapters are going to run between 4 and 5 pages, but it just so happened again this time that I got what I needed done in almost 4.5 pages.  And it’s got a great cliffhanger… or at least I think it does.

Word’s today:  1181

Words total:  2347

Pages written today:  4.5

Pages total:  9


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