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Good start…

Got quite a bit done today… very happy about it.  I was able to get Chapter 18 revised for the NXT-G book… in addition to cleaning up the existing material I also had to add about 8 new pages of text because of a change in the software.  This is now the longest chapter in the book (pushing almost 30 pages) but it couldn’t be helped.  If I had devoted a new chapter to the material it would have forced me to renumber every chapter after that (a real pain) including all the figures (a bigger pain)… so I merged the new material with the chapter that fit best and this will hopefully be okay with my editors.

After that, I got to work on my fiction book.  Today’s the day I planned on starting it and I set a goal of 5 pages per day.  I’m happy to report that I got 4.5 pages written… there wasn’t more I could add to the chapter and I don’t feel like forcing the chapter to a full 5 pages.  Some chapters are likely to be longer, some maybe shorter…  but good luck allowed me to finish this first one and satisfy my daily writing quota.

I have to say that it’s very nice to know where a chapter starts and ends… the time I took to outline the story, develop the characters and scenes that will be required… it seems like it’s paying off.  Chapter 1 wasn’t really difficult to write because I knew what had to be accomplished in this first chapter… and I think I did it.  Editing will come much later… after the entire book is written in fact.  I don’t want to get into hard editing at this point… just write the thing and then go back later and fix problems.  So, tomorrow… another 5 pages (hopefully).

I’m debating asking friends to read chapter 1… I’ll let Ashley read it (if she wants) but I don’t want to have too many people reading over it yet… maybe I’ll open it up after the first draft is completed.  Anyone reading this who might want to take a read of Chapter 1… just let me know.  I may send you a copy to get your thoughts.

Word’s today:  1166

Words total:  1166

Pages written today:  4.5

Pages total:  4.5


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