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Movie Maker book is D-O-N-E!

So today I got the PDF files for Movie Maker for chapters 7 to 11… the rest of the book.  I was given a due date of next Thursday to get them done (1 per day) but PDF reviews are fairly easy… you just read over the chapter and look for spelling or grammar errors that you or your copyeditor missed.  If you’ve done your job right over the previous edit sessions (draft 2 and copy edit reviews) then you’re likely to find zero errors in the PDF…

I wanted this book off my plate, so I made an executive decision today to skip everything else and get these chapters done.  I just finished them (3 had small errors – things like a missing period or a space needed between two words) and “Getting StartED with Movie Maker” is DONE!  I’ll likely have to look over the text for the back of the book cover and maybe read over the dedication/acknowledgements pages but for all practical purposes this book is over.  And a good thing, too, because…

I got word today that my Apple iPad book proposal is heading to the desk of the decision maker – it’s passed through a few hands and gotten approved, so one more step until it turns into a contract and another book.  I’d really like to do this book – and not just because it will give me an excuse to purchase the iPad.  It’ll also open a door into the Apple department at my publisher… I’ve never written any Apple product books, so hopefully if I can do this one right it’ll turn into more books down the road.

And I hit a slight bump on the NXT-G Programming Guide 2nd edition book today – the software added a new feature that really needs to be added to Chapter 18… so rather than revising Chapter 18, there’ll be a new section added to the end that’ll likely take a few days to write.  I wanted to do this today, but the PDF reviews that came in became priority for the day.  And that means that all I’ve got left to work on now is the NXT-G book… if the iPad book gets approved, they’ll probably want me to start delivering first drafts in late April or early May.  Perfect timing as my next LEGO book isn’t likely to get started/approved until July or later.  (And I’m honestly a little burned out on writing LEGO robotics books, so a break will do me some good.)

As for the fiction book – I start writing on Monday.  I’m going to return to my 5-pages-per-day quota… at least until I determine if it’s easy or hard.  Easy – I’ll increase the quota.  Hard – I’ll decrease the daily quota.  But I’ve promised myself a nice gift (around $70 – a very cool laptop bag that I’ve been dying to order) when I finish the first draft of the book… that’s my carrot to start and finish the thing.

I also got Part 1 (of 3) written for the Make: Electronics blog that covers Experiment 23… it’s a long experiment, so I’m breaking it into parts – you can check it out at http://handsonelectronics.blogspot.com


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