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Catching up… again…

My editors (two of them – two books) hit me at the same time yesterday with a bunch of chapters – Chapter 1 to 6 for the Movie Maker book are in PDF review (my last chance to find mistakes) and they want them, of course, all back by Monday.  I got Chapters 1, 2, and 4 for the NXT-G 2nd Edition book… no due date but I know they like them back within 2 to 3 days…

On top of all this I needed to revise Chapter 17 today for the NXT-G book.  To stay on schedule (April 23rd completion) I need to be turning in one revision about every 2 days.  I can do it, but it’s sometimes hard to switch mental gears and jump from book to book.

I got some semi-good news today – one of my editors is seriously considering a book proposal I’ve submitted for the new Apple iPad.  I don’t think I’d buy one if there wasn’t a book involved… but then again, I really REALLY like it.  Hopefully they won’t make me buy one without a book involved.  (Plus it’s easier to sell to the wife when it’s required to own one in order to write the book.)

I’ve managed to get a few edits done today, got ch17 revised and sent in, and now it’s started to rain.  I need to plot out the path my storyline takes on a real map.  Why a real map?  The story takes place in some areas I’m not too familiar with and since it’s a modern day storyline, I’d like to keep it as realistic as possible… no planets or spaceships to visit.  Just a solid chase across two states involving various dark and mysterious locations, some of them very critical to the storyline.

I’m still on schedule to get writing on the fiction story on Monday.  Yeah!

As for other stuff – I finally managed to get Experiments 20, 21, and 22 completed for the Make: Electronics book – I’m still blogging about my experiences over at handson.blogspot.com – got a nice group of people following along and reading about my successes and failures… hopefully they’ll avoid my mistakes.  36 experiments, so I’ve got 14 left until the book’s done.

If I get the Apple iPad book, the word is that they want it started ASAP… translated, that means probably mid to late April… better get back to work now…


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