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One habit I’m definitely developing is getting my revision work done in the morning hours and finishing it up after lunch… I managed to get Chapter 16 revised today (for the NXT-G book) and there are no copyedit chapters waiting for me today… so I’ve been able to take some of my brainstorming ideas yesterday and roll them into my fiction story spreadsheet… I initially had 30 chapters planned, but today I got 6 scenes finished today and the story now seems to slide together… so I may cut it to 28 chapters.  I hate to add chapters just to try and meet an arbitrary number (30) but I’ll leave it open in case I find I need some breathing room with a chapter that’s going long.

At this point, my spreadsheet is developed enough for me to finalize all my Scene Cards and have the book in a very summarized and visual format.  I’ll likely take a day or two and go back over the entire story, card by card, and make sure that there’s nothing in there that’s boring or not relevant to the overall story… this may come back and bite me if a publisher wants more details, backstory, etc… but I’ve found in my research into YA fiction that the key is a fast-paced story that doesn’t dwell too long on minute details… we’ll see.

Since the new baby is arriving in June, I’ve got all of April and May and whatever’s left in March and whatever I can get in June to get this book written… Ashley will have 3 months off work, so that’ll help, but I really want to get the first draft done before the baby gets here (or at least before Ashley returns to work)… after first draft is done, I can take whatever time is necessary to polish it up and (hopefully) send out proposals to some agencies…

It’s also likely I’ll have one or two non-fiction books to write starting in May or June… when the NXT-G book is done (sometime in May) I’ll be looking for more writing work, and my editors have already been asking me about a few ideas I’ve proposed in the past… the last thing I want to do is get 3 books at once.  That happened last year and was miserable… very stressful.

So, tomorrow I’ll get Ch17 revised… probably a few chapters will come in tonight for copyediting, and then I can get to my Scene Cards and try to summarize them into an outline format for the book.  My goal is to still start next Monday on the writing…


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