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Weekends are a bust… usually…

I rarely try to get any work done on Saturday/Sunday – I’ve given some thought about whether I should try to do some writing on weekends or even editing… but I’ve always tried to treat my writing as a job.  Except when I’m behind schedule, which always seemed to be the case up until last year when I finally got myself organized and had a method for handling incoming and outgoing chapters and reviews.

Because I’m hoping to free up some time this week to work on getting my chapters outlined for the fiction story, today I managed to get 3 chapters reviewed for my NXT-G book – I had 5 but 2 of them had a few tech errors in them that I’ll have to clean up… but if I’d put off these 5 chapters to Monday, I’d likely get nothing done tomorrow… so I’m not too upset about having to do some edit work today.  (And the weather isn’t nice -rain and thunderstorms typically make people sleepy, but I’d rather work since I can’t go outside…)

I’m hoping this week to get at least 11 Scene Cards completed… that will put me at 20 chapters and set me up to finish the last 10 chapters the following week.  With the current 9 Scene Cards completed, I’m finding that I’m not dwelling on the material that will go into those chapters and I’m focusing on the ones I haven’t yet finalized in my head.  To keep everything straight, I’m also probably going to have to tape these up on a wall somewhere so I can see them all at once rather than hunting for a single card in the stack.

Based on the calendar, I’m hoping to get started writing on April 5 – and because I’ll know what each chapter is supposed to accomplish, I’m hoping that writing the story will be a little easier since I’m not really making it up as I go…


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