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Meeting Jack…

One of my favorite scifi authors is Jack McDevitt – if you like scifi and are not familiar with him, I can highly recommend his books.  (Email me if you want specific titles… as with all authors, some of his stuff is better than others.)

He was invited to speak at the Atlanta Writer’s Club today and I got a chance to sit down with him for about 20 minutes prior to his talk and visit with him and his wife, Maureen.  I’ve emailed Jack questions about writing in the past and he’s always responded with good answers and encouragement.  His talk lasted about 30 minutes and it was funny… he’s got a great sense of humor.  He also took some questions and answered one of mine related to how he plots his books.

I took along a copy of two of my non-fiction books – Don’t Spend a Dime and Ubuntu on a Dime – and gave them to him as a thank you for his correspondence.  He asked me to sign them (which was nice) and I got him to sign my copy of Time Travelers Never Die.

I’ve never made the effort to track down my favorite writers when they speak but I couldn’t pass this chance up.  He did mention he has a new book coming out in late 2010 and another in 2011.  They’re books in the Alex Benedict series… his best series in my opinion (Talent for War, Seeker, Polaris, and Devil’s Eye are the current books in the series).

A good day… and very motivating.


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