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Crazy Thursday

I’m almost caught up with all my editing and writing – two funerals in 3 weeks was a bit much, and my editors, thankfully, were very understanding.

I didn’t get any writing done on Thursday but I did get a lot of editing done.  Apress has bumped up my due date for the NXT-G Programming Guide from May 11 to April 23 – so I’m losing 2 weeks.  This means going from 4 days per revision to 3 days per revision… fortunately, these chapters are fairly short so I’ve actually been able to get 1 chapter per day revised.  But that won’t last… a few of the later chapters are longer and more complex and I’ve got 2 new chapters to write for the book to cover new features in the software.

The MovieMaker book is moving along just fine – I finished up the final chapter (11) this morning for 2nd draft and now all that’s left is copyedit reviews and PDF reviews… those go fairly quickly.  I’ve done the copyedit reviews up to chapter 7, so just 8, 9, 10, and 11 left… plus PDF reviews which will come in fast.  I could probably wrap this book up in about 2 weeks, maybe less if the editors get me the PDFs of the copyedited chapters I’ve already looked at (1-7).  Once this book is off the plate, I can focus on just NXT-G and my fiction book.


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