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Catching up…

Got back in town last night and spent most of today catching up on copyedit reviews and a revision of Chapter 12.  I hate to use excuses, but I was busy enough today that I didn’t have any time to write on my fiction book.  I’m hoping to pick it up tonight or tomorrow and get back on a regular writing schedule.

While away, I was brainstorming more ideas and I came up with a 3 page summary of a fiction story that I’d much rather write than the current story.  I’m torn, because I like both stories, but I don’t want to stop now… so instead I’m going to just keep brainstorming the storyline for book # 2.  I have book #1 figured out in much more detail anyway but I’m just very excited and anxious to start book #2.  But one at a time.  Argh.

I did get a great recommendation for a neat website that makes it easy for me to visualize my books.  It’s called bubbl.us and that’s the web address – I’m using the beta version which can be found at https://bubbl.us/beta/

Take a look at the pictures and you can see how I’m organizing book # 2 – 30 chapters (likely to change) with 10 pages per chapter (250 words per page) gives a 75,000 word book… right on target.  So I’ll be using bubbl.us to help me arrange the story and keep the plot moving along… I can visually see the high/low points, where the action will peak and where it drops… and make changes.  I can add chapter titles and notes underneath… not a lot of room, but enough to help me remember what it is I’m supposed to try and accomplish in that chapter.

Anyway, today I got 2 Movie Maker author reviews completed (2nd drafts) and Chapter 12 revised for the NXT-G book (and it was a long chapter)… so I’m feeling okay about today’s workload.


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