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New book ideas

So, it’s a little odd how I come up with book ideas… sometimes I read about a new technology or piece of software and I just check with my publishers to see if it’s a topic they’d be interested in having a book written about… sometimes I find someone has beaten me to it and already submitted a proposal… other times it’s an off-beat subject that a publisher may not be willing to risk funding…

Every month or so I just take a day off from writing and mull over book ideas… both fiction and non-fiction.  Because 99% of what I write is non-fiction, most of my ideas are in that category.  If it’s a non-fiction topic that I’m completely unfamiliar with, I’ll often have to teach myself before I can type up a realistic proposal… a few times I’ve actually gotten a contract on a book and then I’ve gone and learned the subject… I don’t recommend that, but it is sometimes necessary to get a book contracted on a new and hot topic.

Yesterday I got some writing done and wasn’t really giving any thought to new books… but I was also examining some internet articles on recent technology breakthroughs and an idea for a science fiction story popped into my head that I couldn’t ignore.  I’ve already started writing one kids book and now I can’t get this idea out of my head for the next one.  I hate when that happens.  So, I’m going to write down every thought and idea I can into a single document and save it away… I just can’t start on it now, and some extra time will allow my subconscious to fill in some of the blank areas of the story.

As for non-fiction, I definitely need two more book contracts this year to have at least 4 books written in 2010… I’d like 5, but not sure if I’ll have time.  Part of me wants to gamble a bit on finishing this kids book and sending it out to a few agents to see if there’s any interest… (this is all based on the assumption that I’ll finish writing the book, of course)… that will take some time and could be the 5th book if I find someone interested… if no one bites, I’ll park it in a desk drawer somewhere and forget it and move on.


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