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Today’s Scorecard

Well, not a bad day at all.  In addition to getting a TON of revision and editing work done, I also managed to get some more pages written for my young adult fiction novel.  Not as many pages as I would have liked, but I’m cutting myself some slack here because I know it’s going to take some practice to develop a daily habit of producing 5 pages per day.

One of my favorite writers is Jack McDevitt.  I’m fortunate in that he’s coming to speak to the Atlanta Writer’s Club in a few weeks… I’ve corresponded with him in a few emails and he’s always been very gracious at answering my questions.  I check out his website every now and then, read his occasional Journal entry, and today I found a gem – and it is so appropriate!  The following is an excerpt from his March 1, 2010 journal entry:

“The first draft is the brute work. My goal, when doing that, is to produce a minimum of six pages daily. Every day. No days off, except to go to cons. (If I routinely take off weekends, I inevitably get out of sync.) The six pages will be barely readable, but I can fix that later. What I need is a complete first draft.
I learned early NOT to set aside a given number of hours each day. If I do that and quit, say, at 5:00 p.m., I spend much of my time looking out the window at the blue jays. Much better is to produce the work, the pages, and then reward myself by quitting early. ”

How cool is that!?  It makes me feel better that one of my favorite authors is cranking out 6 pages a day (minimum).  Gives me hope.  (For my non-fiction, technical books, I’ve been known to write an entire chapter in one day – maybe 20-30 pages, but this is completely different than writing fiction – don’t ask me how, but it just is.)

So, today’s scorecard:

Hands-On Make: Electronics –  I didn’t have any time today to work on this – maybe tomorrow.

YA Fiction Book – 4 pages.  I couldn’t quite hit 5 but tomorrow… 5.  Minimum.

NXT-G Revision – Got the revision done for chapter 11 and about 90% done with 10 but hit a tech problem that requires some research… hoping to finish it tomorrow and be back on schedule.

Movie Maker Book – Returned two author reviewed chapters after copyediting.   Also got the Front Matter done (Intro/Dedication/Acknowledgements), including author bio.


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