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Off to a good start…

So, I woke up inspired today – probably from knowing that I’d be judged in the future on whether I was able to stick to my guns and do the work I promised myself I’d do…

I’m happy to say that I did get quite a bit done today.  Here’s the scoreboard

Hands-On Make: Electronics – hoping to finish up Experiment 20 tonight, but not a big deal if I don’t

YA Fiction Book – Was shooting for 5 pages, got 7.  When on a roll, keep rolling…

NXT-G Revision – Got Chapter 8 revised and submitted today… ch9 for tomorrow

Movie Maker Book – Nothing to review from my editor but I do need to complete the Intro/Ded/Ack pages this week

I must add that writing fiction is hard.  Very hard (for me, at least).  I find myself constantly wanting to go back and edit here, tweak there… but I know that most writers will tell you to keep plugging along and writing and don’t look back – you go back when the book is done.  I still managed to do some tweaking on the first 7 pages… but I’ll try harder not to do that as the book progresses.


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