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Setting up a Scoreboard

I think one of the best motivators for me has always been being up front and honest with my results.  Whether 1 person or 1000 are following along with my results, it does add a little pressure to know that my work is being watched.  With that said, I’ve been wanting to create a sort of scoreboard that will allow me to document my work and see actual results.

I’ve got a LOT of writing projects going on… some of them are never-ending and others have a definite start and finish.  For lack of a better method, I think I’m going to go with something like this (for now – changes are likely):

Hands-On Make: Electronics – my blog that follows the Make: Electronics book and the teach-yourself experiments

YA Fiction Book – no title yet, but I want to try and shoot for 5 pages per day (on average)

NXT-G Revision – tally of my work on the revision of this book – due date April 23, 2010 for all chapters

Movie Maker Book – Author Review – finishing up edits on chapters for my latest book

As I get new books or add new writing projects, they’ll be added to the list… but this seems like a good start to me.  I’ll think of it as more of a report card on my day-to-day work.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be adding the writing of my fiction book for kids… I’m going to do my best to write it, flat out, no editing… and then when all chapters are done, I’ll go back and start cleaning up the draft and doing editing work.  For the electronics blog, I was trying to do one exercise per day, but some of the exercises are quite long or tedious, so I think as long as I’m making some sort of progress every day, I’ll be fine… there are 36 experiments in all and I’m on Experiment 20 right now… I’d like to have the book finished by end of April, so that only gives me 6 weeks to finish 16 experiments… The NXT-G Programming Guide revision is just nose-to-the-grindstone, get it done editing.  Two or three new chapters will be added, but it’s more tedious than difficult.

So, today’s Scoreboard Update:

Make: Electronics Blog – nothing done today, try to get Experiment 20 and 21 completed this week

YA Fiction Book – start date is tomorrow, March 8, 2010 – average 25 pages per week (5 per day)

NXT-G Revision – Chapters 9 to 11 due this upcoming week

Movie Maker Book – need to write the front matter (Intro, dedication, etc.) due this week


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