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Not a normal week…

I missed work on Monday and Tuesday… out of town for a death in the family.  Even though there were small snippets of time where I might have done some work, it just wasn’t in the cards.

So, as expected, a slight delay in starting my new book.  But I haven’t exactly been sitting around.  When I got back, I had an email from the editor of the book I’m revising, NXT-G Programming Guide.  To get back on schedule, I need to deliver the revisions for chapters 6 through 9.  I got 6 done on Wednesday and 7 done today… I’ll do my best to get ch8 done tomorrow, but 9 is looking shaky.  The good news is they’ve given me 4 days per chapter revision, so if I can get 9 and 10 done next week, I’ll be back on schedule to have everything done by April 23 (a 26 chapter book).

Meanwhile, I’ve just started doing my author reviews for the chapters I wrote for Getting StartED with Windows Live Movie Maker… an 11 chapter book and I’ve sent back fixes for the first 3 chapters… so that book’s on schedule, too.  That was a fun book to write… not overly technical.  I’m hoping to maybe get a few other books contracted in the “Getting StartED” series – the “Getting StartED” comes from the name of the publisher, Friends of ED.  Get it?

So, I’m going to do myself a favor and put off starting the new book until Monday… I’ve done some thinking and I think I want to try and shoot for a certain number of pages per day… instead of words per day.  I know where the story is going, but I haven’t got a 100% complete outline… so I think I’ll wing it and see where the writing takes me.

Tomorrow… get chapter 8 revised and maybe start on chapter 9.


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