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New LEGO book?

I’ve also been asked to put together a more detailed proposal for a new LEGO book.  Once again, I’m limited on what I can publicly say about the book, but I can say if it gets the green light, it’ll be something VERY different from what’s been done before.  My first LEGO book, “LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: The Mayan Adventure” has sold very well… Apress says it’s there 3rd best seller in all the hundreds of books titles they sell… very happy about that.

Having just finished the sequel to it, The King’s Treasure, I’m a bit hesitant to write another LEGO book.  But I can’t deny that the advance money is good and that Apress is likely to put some money and energy into marketing it… I hope.  blsI’ll probably ask for a higher advance this time… especially since I think the book will take a little longer to write.  One thing I’ve learned is that publishers will negotiate on financial issues.

It’s one thing to write a proposal and another to write the book itself.  The proposal was 2 pages and is likely to lengthen as they ask me for more details, but I’ve estimated it to be about 300 pages… 18 chapters minimum, maybe more.

I’m still not convinced that sales of the LEGO robotics kit are growing and growing… it seems like the product may have stabilized.  There’s definitely not as much discussion about the 2.0 release as there was with the 1.0… the product is matured in a sense, so the excitement level is down.  Still… I have an idea that I’m hoping my publisher will buy into for the new LEGO book… we’ll see.


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