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Current workload…

Right now, I’ve got a few things going on…

One is a revision of my “LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G Programming Guide” that came out in 2007.  It’s apparently sold well enough that the publisher has asked me to do a revision that covers the 2.0 version of the programming language that was released in 2009.  I estimate that about 90% or more of the content hasn’t changed, so it’s not so much having to change a lot of things as it is trying to add more content.  One thing I’ve done is to begin adding extra exercises in the book – 2 per chapter at a minimum.  The original book was 200 pages and I’ve been given permission to bump this one up to 300 or more.

I’m also working with one of my editors on two proposals that I’ve submitted… both are looking pretty good for getting accepted.  One is another LEGO robotics book that will likely start sometime in May or June… the other is a technology book similar to my recent “Build Your Own CNC Machine” – I’m not allowed to discuss the topic so I apologize for being a bit vague here.

Last year I took on a real challenge from about April 2009 to right up to November.  I was writing 3 books at once:

1. Build Your Own CNC Machine

2. Windows Netbooks

3.  LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: The King’s Treasure (sequel to my 2006 “The Mayan Adventure”)

I will never… NEVER… write 3 books at once again.  That said, I have no problem if they overlap a little bit… maybe finishing up one and starting another… but these 3 I started at about the same time… it was difficult changing gears and getting motivated every day – and I really did have to write just about every day to keep on schedule.  So no more of that…

That said, I am developing my outline for a new book – it’s Young Adult fiction and geared to ages 8 to 14 (I think).  I’ve had the main storyline in my head for years and have many of the major characters well hashed out… I know a few of the subplots that I wish to include… and I know how the main story ends.  So… now I just have to write it.  And I’m going to use this blog to provide feedback (to myself and any readers who may be paying attention) – I’ll be tracking page count and trying to stick to a minimum number of pages per day… or maybe words per day.  Haven’t made up my mind yet.

I think having this blog will help me stay motivated… and it won’t hurt to have my expectations for each day or week put up for all the world to see.  One of my problems has always been taking on too many projects at once… I’ve got to stop that.  Probably won’t though… bad habits are hard to break.

I’ve set a March 3, 2010 date for starting this new book… that’s Wednesday.  More details as they come.


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