James Floyd Kelly

Writer and Swashbuckler-for-Hire

Okay, Jim… what are you wanting to accomplish here?

I’ve been wanting a place to just randomly write down stuff related to my work that I need to get out of my head… and I figure maybe this is the place.  Of course, I have other goals here.  I have friends who ask questions about writing and I’d sure like to point them to this blog and tell them to read everything with the “writing tips” tag.  (Of course, this now requires me to remember to add tags to all my posts.  Bleh.  Okay, I’ll do it.)

I’ve also learned that blogging about something you PLAN on doing is some real serious incentive to actually DOING IT.  When you announce to the world “I’m going to write Chapter 1 today”… well, you better do it or you’re gonna take some heat from someone.  It could be Mom… or Wife.  Or a complete stranger who just feels the need to point out that you’re slacking and need to get back to work.  Whatever.  I can certainly use this blog to post to the world “I’m going to write 5000 words today” and use it as a whipping stick to open up Word and get to writing…

Okay… enough writing.  Time to procrastinate a bit…


February 26, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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